10 Healthy Everyday Snacks for kids

I found this article in a Parents magazine about 9 years ago and tore it out and kept it in the front of my recipe book so I could refer back to it over the years.  So I thought I would share it with you today.  Also sometimes I get that Mom Brain thing going on you all know what I’m talking about and have no idea what to feed my kids for an afternoon snack.  So I guess you could say this is my little cheat sheet.  Do let my kids have cookies and candy?  Yes, quite often but I would rather them eat healthy stuff and nine times out of ten if I pull out some of these snack ideas listed below the kids eat it up like it is going out of style. Yeah!

Healthy Snacks For Kids Pictures, Images and Photos

                                 1. Whole-wheat crackers
                                 2. Unsweetened cereal
                                 3. Cut up vegetables
                                 4. Fresh fruit
                                 5. Dried fruit
                                 6. String cheese
                                 7. Peanut butter
                                 8. Yogurt
                                 9. Bread sticks
                               10. Hard boiled egg

Some other fun ideas with snacks are to make it more appealing to them.  Fill tiny, colored containers with snack mix.  Serve snacks in different ways like those Zoo Pals plates always work.  We like to have breakfast cereal and milk after school.  Plus it keeps them full until dinner too.  Be creative with your snack display and they will eat it.  Even the hubs comes a running.  LOL


This is a video interwiew I found from a pro-blogger at Parenting.com.  It’s has a lot of on the go ideas for when your in the car with little ones and they are ready to have a meltdown.  I know how that is and it’s not fun.  Hope some of this helps you with your healthy snacking ideas.

                                                 Have a great weekend!

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