No~Sew Window Scarf

Yes, it’s true I didn’t sew any part of the window treatment at all.
Not even to finish off the edges.
Well, I used a really cool product called Hem Tape.
I love this stuff.
Hem tape is super easy to use and all you need is an iron to apply it to the edge of your fabric.
You can find hem tape at Walmart or your local fabric store in the notions section.You can also use it to hem jeans, pillows, skirts, draperies just to name a few. 
I followed this pattern from the book Window Dressing by the editors of Vogue/Butterick for my window treatment.
Well, kind of…
I didn’t follow it exactly as you might have noticed but it did give me a place to start.
As you can see in the photo above my scarf is not doubled around the knob giving a double scarf window treatment effect.
Let me explain,  I had this pretty deep purple fabric that I really wanted to use in my master bath and so I modified the pattern a bit.
My fabric piece was about 1 1/2 yds. and I’m to lazy to add the contrasting band so I ignored that part of the directions.
I hemmed all sides at 1 inch and press in another 1 so no raw edges are showing on
each unfinished edge.
Press hem tape on the edge of fabric to seal closed.
Now you should have a finished edge.
You will want to follow the manufacture directions on how to use hem tape.
You also need to use a dry iron.
 Fan fold your fabric once all edges are hemmed as pictured in photo #2.
Drape over your knob.
Pull the opposite corner over the other knob.
Tie the corner onto the knob and evened out the folds to your liking.
I found my knobs at Lowes for around $10 dollars.
Add a big tassel to one of the drapery knobs and you have a  chic and professional looking window scarf that took about an hour to make.
Who wouldn’t love that?


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