Knotted T-shirt Bangle Bracelet

Happy Monday!
Hope you all had a nice weekend, I know I enjoyed mine.
In the Blog world we have all seen and adore the T-shirt scarfs, necklaces and bracelet’s out there well I have a new idea for a bracelet.
The Knotted T-shirt Bangle Bracelet.
I cut up an old Tee along the bottom edge of through both layers so you get that ring of fabric.
My strips were about 5/8 of and inch wide.
Stretch out your t-shirt rings and they will curl in nicely.
I used 2 rings for this bracelet and wrapped them around my wrist a few times to get the desired fit.
Tie a few or as many pieces of scrap fabric onto your bracelet as you like.  You could even tie knots all the way around and it would be super cute.
The fabric I used were all sheer type so they fray easily and give you that scrappy look.  Each scrap fabric was a 2×2 square.
Fast and easy… just the kind of crafts I love.
I love to wear this Knotted T-shirt Bangle Bracelet with a tee and jeans. 
Add a few other beaded bracelets or a decorative watch.
Very comfy and cute at the same time.
Got to love that.
You can also see another T-shirt project Here.
Supper easy and fun.

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  1. what a cute idea. I love it for making small gifts for friends for the holidays…thank you!


  2. This is a tee project I have not seen. Very clever! 🙂 Great colors. 🙂


  3. This is awesome! I may just have to try. I don't have any of the cute fabric like you do but I'm sure I could come up with something. 😉


  4. This is so pretty. I love the addition of the frayed fabric. Very unique and creative!Pinning and tweeting about it. :)Cheers,Tracy Screaming Sardine


  5. Love this!.


  6. I rarely wear jewelry but I may have to try this one.


  7. This is a question about the flip flops and I hav seen a pair of flip flops on a lady that were absolutely gorgeous and they had leopard fabric or ribbon and trimmed with black embroidery thread , I hav been trying to figure out how they were made. If u have any ideas get bak to me! Thanks


  8. Your comment is atwiaing moderation.Brillant article! I make online kids clothes handmade and this is part of the reason why I do. Custom made clothing not only better, but it lasts longer and you’re more likely going to get more wear out of it. Buying handmade and custom made clothing definately allows you to become more creative and individualised than “off the rack” . Thanks again for sharing a great article!-Saiba



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