Ribbon Wands { Just for fun }

Just finished these lovely little Ribbon Wands and I think
 they turned out super duper cute!
I need one.
Pretty! Pretty! Pretty!

I just love all things girly…
When I took dance way back when… I always wanted to be in the class that got to use the ribbons and never was.
Boo hoo for me, right!
 I guess you could say I was a little jealous.  WHAT!
Now that my daughter takes dance and is in a class of little ones they use the ribbon wands to get the girls to participate and keep attention.  How clever of them.

  I just love all things related to dance. 
{ Tutu’s, leg warmers, hair fluffs, sparkles and of course you have 
to have a dance bag to carry it in.}
  I wanted a ribbon wand for home so my little one and I could run and leap through the house and tease the boy’s as we wave the ribbons in there face.  Hehe!
So I got to work…  
These wands turned out really pretty.
 I added a flower on top just because it needed to be prettier.
I eliminate the flower on the other wands because the ribbon tends to get tangled on it.
As you can see my daughter didn’t care that the ribbon got tangled.

I should have gotten her all dressed up and hair done but, it was Sunday and she was outside having to much fun with her ribbon wands and I didn’t want to spoil the moment.
Did you notice her ribbon matches her sweats.  LOL!
I planed that one… Hehe… Not really.
This is us tangled in the tree.
  Only my kids would do something like this…   If it wasn’t her it would have been me getting the ribbon stuck in the tree or falling in the pool.
 Like mother like daughter.
 Get used to it little one, your momma is a klutz.

Are you a klutz?
Please tell me I’m not the only one out there…

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