Sunset in the Desert

Living here in the Desert we have the most amazing sunsets and sunrises I have ever seen.  The colors are incredible…  Pink, orange, red, and even some purple.
 At first when I found out we where moving here I wasn’t really sure if I would like it.  But turns out I love it despite all the wind and dirt it’s really grown on me.
We are very close to anything and everything we want to do here.  If we want we can go to the Ocean we are there in two hours or one hour to drive to the snow.  My family and I have lived in a few different areas and by far this is one of my favorites.
This weeks challenge from Laura Beth from A Step in the Journey was Sunset.
No photo tips this week but next week should be fun.
 It’s all about Shoes!
I can’t wait!
What woman doesn’t like shoes or even pictures of shoes?
Fun! Fun! Fun!

Early morning sunrise in the So CA Desert…
Sunrise at our home.
What do you love about the area you live in?
Have a wonderful day



  1. Those photographs are amazing. I love seeing sunsets and sunrises!


  2. Beautiful!


  3. Your photography keeps getting better.Beautiful Sky.What a talented daughter I have.I'll see the sky with you soon.Love youMom


  4. WOW!! Beautiful photos and desert skies!! Breath taking!


  5. Great photos!! I have never seen a sunset or sunrise in the desert. I may have to add that to my bucket list!


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