Are you a Shoe~Aholic? Photo Challenge

I really Heart my shoes…

I have so many pairs of shoes it’s not even funny.
 You know when you buy a new pair and hide them in the back of the closet so your Hubie won’t see them.  Then the first time you wear them he will ask you where did you get those shoes and we all say from my closet…
At least I do.  Hee Hee!
I’m only showing you two pairs of boots I have. 

Boots!  Boots!  
I love Boots. 
 How about you?
Thrift store find…  Woo Hoo!

I thought I would show you how my photo session went. 

 I forgot to do my photos for the challenge so I rolled up my yoga pants yesterday and thought I would take a few pictures of my shoes really quick. 
Yeah right!

I’m starting to get a cold, I was tired and my daughter wanted to put the pumpkin top from the
 Jack O lanterns we still had on the porch on my head while I’m taking photos.  
Plus she wouldn’t stay out of the picture.
 I even tried to bribe her with candy. 
 What am I suppose to do with that? 
 To help me stay sane and not lose it I tend to make weird faces so the kids laugh which then makes me laugh too.  
Being a mom is hard.  
Why didn’t anyone tell me this?
These are my normal everyday shoes…  
I don’t know if you could technically even call them shoes..
Some rubber and two straps is really all they are…  But I love them!
This is just a peek at 1/4 of my shoes that are in the closet.  
I’m so messy and unorganized.
Clean up your closet girl!



  1. Love your boots! :)I love shoes too! I have done that with shoes and clothes buying them and hiding them and then wearing them and the hubby asking "when did you buy those?" and I will say "what are you talking about? I've had these since last year!" hahaha! IDK if he falls for it or just ignores me!


  2. I love the first set of boots pictures, they're so full of fun and boot-love! πŸ˜€ Thanks for your comment on my blog πŸ™‚


  3. You're hilarious. I love boots too and yours and spectacular. I can't believe that second pair was a thrift find. Nice going.


  4. I think we are a boot wearing, drama filled crowd at ASITJ challenge! Love these shots!Kerry at HouseTalkN


  5. another shoe-aholic here!!! love your boots – they're so versatile aren't they? love those shots too – esp. you on the floor with your daughter!!! i love how our kids interrupt our shoots!


  6. I love your boots and I love that first shot! What a fun picture!


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