WWWW ( Embellished Sweater and A Tutu )

What We Wore Wednesday!
My daughter and I thought we would both get dressed up today.
The two of us had a lot of fun playing dress up.
You know hair, make up, accessories and everything in between.
Girl time!
My daughter wore a ballerina stenciled t~shirt ( Made by Me)
Pink & Cream Tutu ( Made by Me)
Gray leggings ( ? )
Black flats ( Hand~me~down/ but I embellished them)
Of course she had to dance and twirl for the camera.
I wore…
Black boots ( ? )
Rose embellished skirt ( Khol’s )
Purple Sweater ( Guess outlet )
Skinny belt ( $1 store )
Grey cardigan ( Khol’s with sequins added by me )
I’m going outside of the normal jeans and T~shirt outfit today and I feel very girly and pretty.
To bad I didn’t have a date with my husband.
Maybe next week we can have date night.
Any way still had a good time with the little one and I know she enjoyed it too.
Have a great day!


pleated poppy

Momma Go Round


  1. Loved seeing mom and daughter time…you both look beautiful!


  2. So cute involving your little girl in WIWW!


  3. You two are so cute!


  4. Very cute outfits! and WOW that background is gorgeous!!! Lucky girl! :)www.kaleighhamilton.blogspot.com


    • you are my idol and ablosutely a style icon!! the stuff you come up with is ablosutely incredible, I feel so unfortunate for not having a single ounce of creativity in my body. thats what amazing people like you are for, to come up with beautiful and different things like this. I can’t wait to see what else you do with the tights- I’m sure they will only be even more awe inspiring. I would ablosutely buy your designs and be youre number one promoter 😛



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