Dear Sister…

      It’s been really hard living so far apart (536 miles) to be exact.  Give or take a few miles.
  Now that we are both at the same place in our lives with husbands, kids and all the craziness in between when it comes to raising a family.  I have no one to laugh with, cry with or barrow cute clothes from once in awhile.   No one who will just listen or give me a hug when needed.
 We can’t just jump in the car and head over to each others house to help out when we need it the most.  We do have the phone but it’s just not the same.  Seeing each other a few times a year just isn’t enough.  It’s hard being a mom.  Especially a mom of three.  I need you near me at this time in my life.  That extra support…  Someone who I can share the crazy things that go one with being a mom.
A gal pal.
Someone who understands me and doesn’t judge me when I do something completely stupid.  
I’m trying to survive this crazy thing called life.  
 You are the one that can make me laugh until my stomach hurts and I’m crying with joy.
 You are the crazy one that pushes me to break away from being so quiet and shy.  

You always tell me to take care of myself.
I love you! 
Thanks for being my BFF.

See you soon,

                                                          Your big sister

p.s.  write back soon….

This was a really hard photo to choose for the challenge
 @ A Step in the Journey 
because I was only able to pick one person I love. 
 Well I love my husband and kids to death.  I love my parents to pieces.  
But my sister and I don’t see each other very often and when we do it’s with all the children and family. 
 There is no one on one girl time.
  We are four years apart.  I got married and moved out when she was only 13.  So we never went to the same school together and I didn’t live in the same house with her when she was in high school.  
We ended up drifting apart for a few years.
  I started my family and she was living it up as a single girl.  
After she got married and found out she was pregnant with the first granddaughter.  Then I found out I was pregnant with my third baby a few months later and it happened to be a girl too. 
 The baby girls are 5 months apart and they adore one other. 
 Since the girls were born my sister and I have become a lot closer. 
 I talk to her once or twice a week.  
I love her style and craziness. 
I wish I was more like her.
 When the two of us get together watch out! 
 We are unstoppable

Do you live near your sister?
Are you and your sister close?
Do you tell her anything and everything?



  1. Awww! Great photos! My sister and I are very close as well. She lives 2,000 miles north of me in Baffin Island, Canada, up near the Arctic Circle! I'm so thankful for technology like email & Skype! 🙂


  2. Great pictures and nice post.


  3. Very Sweet- I like the pictures! I miss my sisters a lot too!


  4. Thanks for this awesome thought. I feel the exact same way. I cherish our super silly times together. I feel most at home just being with you and mom. Love you more than you know. See you next week!!!! XOXOXOXO


  5. by the way…that was from your sister LOL!


  6. I have 4 sisters and none of us live in the same city! No one makes me laugh harder or makes me feel like I can do anything – and no one can put me in check faster than a sister! Thank you for sharing this awesome post- I can so relate!Kerry at HouseTalkN


  7. That's my girls.Both of you and your family's mean the world to me.I Love You girls so much.Can't wait to be together for the laughs and the good food for the holiday.You Mom


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