Magnet Chalk board for your fridge

I found this awesome vinyl chalkboard on that oh so addicting website Pintrest and new I had to have one or make one for my fridge.Here is mine…

Not bad for free.

I had everything on hand already to make this project.

I bought these magnet sheets at Walmart I don’t know how many years ago and had never used them all.  Until now!  Some left over chalkboard paint and a foam brush.  Painted a few coats of the chalkboard paint onto the magnet paper sheets and let it dry.  Make sure you paint a coat in each direction just to make sure it covers completely.   I got a little impatient so I plugged in the blow-dryer and sped up the drying process.   After the magnet sheets are dry to the touch I placed a few books on top of the sheets.  I wanted to make sure the edges wouldn’t curl up on me.  Lucky for me the edges were fine.  The next morning I was able to hang it up on the fridge and wright out my shopping list.




  1. I have the same one on my kitchen cabinet! My kids LOVE this – so handy and fun! You are so clever – I have the same magnetic paper in drawer and I never thought to use it that way – I foresee some awesome christmas gifts!


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