Handmade Ornaments

  Making ornaments while listening to holiday music always makes Christmas time really special.  But the smell of cookies baking is another great tradition for the holidays.

I love cookies!

There are so many ornament tutorials out in blog land lately…  These are just a few handmade ornaments the children and I have made over the years most of them take less time to make than it does to clean up all the supplies.   But then again dinner is the same way.  Eating takes less time than prep and clean up.

 Why is that?

Painted paper star

Plaster pressed footprint ( my oldest baby's ) Now he's 12

Paper folded flower with foam stickers

$Dollar Tree frame with rolled fabric flowers

Glittered popsicle stick star

 Hope you try making some handmade ornaments this season and have fun with it…  The kids will love it too.  I know mine do.

Have a great weekend


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  1. I love your ideas.


  2. cute, cute!! I love homemade ornaments!


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