1 pair of leggings for 5 days… Day 3

Another day of leggings…   Day #3 to be exact of 1 pair of leggings for 5 days…  And yes I have washed my leggings, just in case anyone was wondering.  {Mom!!!}

  Orange and turquoise today.   I guess it’s more of a rust color than orange.  I went with another dress too.  The cardi is one that I re-fashioned last year with flowers down the front.  You can see a tutorial on how to make it here.  

Black leggings (Target),  dress ( Target), Cardigan ( Re-fashioned ), Lace headband ( I made ), Beaded necklaces ( one is from Kohl’s & I made the other ), Knotted t-shirt bracelets ( Me again ), Boots ( ? )

So far so good?


I would love for some of you to tell me what you would wear or do wear with leggings.  If you have never worn leggings you so have to try them.  It’s like wearing your pj’s…


There is still time to enter to win the T~shirt scarf  I will choose the winners on Wednesday night.  So if you haven’t entered yet please do.  It’s a fun little scarf to keep for yourself or give away as a gift for the Holidays…

Momma Go Round

pleated poppy


  1. So cute! I love the orange and turquoise. I never thought about pairing those colors together before. I will definitely have to look in my closet for these two colors 😉 I’m still trying to work with the leggings trend, not sure they work on me as well as they do on you!


  2. Very cute outfit! I love leggings!


  3. Leggings are so easy to wear over and over again, this outfit looks great!
    I also wanted to share that I am doing a giveaway
    over on my blog , hope you join in =)


  4. JUst went through all your legging posts. Every outfit SO CUTE!!!! I could wear leggings everyday. seriously they re so comfy:)


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