1 pair of leggings for 5 days… I did it!


Can you believe it?  I wore leggings for 5 days straight… { The leggings were washed}.  In case anyone was wondering…

Woo Hoo!!!

This challenge has made me become very creative when choosing clothing.   I’ve had a lot of inspiration from Pintrest and catalogs but this was hard for me not to just give up and put on my jeans.. It is so difficult to be creative with clothes in the winter time all I want to do is bundle up.  My solution is to layer, layer, layer…  Maybe one more layer too.

I’m not sure which pair of flats I like better…

Plain black or blue strips?

What do you think?

Are the blue stripes too much?

Leggings ( Yes, they were washed regularly),  hooded T-shirt, denim button up shirt tied in a knot, jacket, skirt ( a size to big long sleeve t-shirt )…

Yes, I did wear a T-shirt as a skirt…


Yep, I sure did…

 Crazy huh?


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  1. Sarah Louise Brandon says:

    I Love the shirt idea! I hope you washed the leggings though! 😉


  2. Oh my…shirt as a skirt…BRILLIANT idea!! I just lost a bunch of weight, and have TONS of plain and patterned shirts I can use. I’m going to try it tomorrow!



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