Chocolate covered goodies to keep or giveaway…

This is my version of chocolate dipped marshmallows.  I like to use them for hot chocolate.  Heck you could even make smores with them by melting it in the microwave. It’s super fast and you can enjoy the gooey goodness of chocolate marshmallows and grahams.  All you need is large marshmallows and melted almond bark chocolate (found at near the chocolate chips at the grocery store).  I love the almond bark.  It is the easiest stuff to use and it tastes a lot better than those melting chips do.

Some more chocolate covered goodies… chocolate drizzled pretzels.  I just laid out the pretzels on a flat surface covered with wax paper and drizzled the milk chocolate over the top first.  Let it dry and then drizzled the white chocolate over next let them dry and then you can package them up in a pretty little box to give away.

Of course we have to have some cookies dipped in chocolate too.  These are super easy and yummy.

 Store bought sugar cookies

melted almond bark chocolate

dip and done…

I am one of those messy type cooks.   You know, if it looks somewhat pretty and yummy  it’s good enough for me.

What about you?  Are you one that pays attention to detail and presentation when it comes to food?



  1. Well, these all look amazing and delicious:)


  2. I am so glad you had a good birthday! So did I and I thuoght of you! My little granddaughter thuoght I ought to have a cake with candles, but I had to tell her there would be too many to fit on the cake! No sewing on my birthday but one of my presents was a really pretty victorian pincushion. Today I am back to curtains. Have a really good year.Anne


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