Brown Sugar Body Scrub (A last minute gift)

 Love this scrub!!!!I live in the Desert where it’s always dry here.  So any extra moisture I can lather up onto my skin helps.  During the winter months I tend to take hotter showers and not apply all the lotions and sunscreens to my skin like I should.

This scrub is  amazing, especially if you apply it onto your legs after you shave them.  They become so soft and smooth.  It works great on feet, elbows, and anywhere else you may have dry itchy skin.

I found this recipe over at .  It was under Corrie’s Brown Sugar Body Scrub.

Here’s what you need…

1 C. Brown Sugar
1/2 C. Olive oil ( I used saffola oil because it didn’t have such a strong smell as the olive oil)
1 tsp. Vitamin E
1 tsp. pure Vanilla
1 tbsp. honey

In a bowl mix together oil, vitamin E, honey, and vanilla.  Add the brown sugar and mix. I like to put mine in small wide mouth jars.  They are so pretty.  I just happened to find these ones at Target.

Use it in the shower or bath and rinse clean.

Love it!


I thought I would re-post this for you today.  It’s a great gift to give anyone for the Holidays and you can make it this afternoon.

I also have a summer sugar scrub you can see the recipe here


  1. What a nice idea. Cannot wait to try it! Thanks for sharing.


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