Looking back at Drama Queen Seams….

It’s the end of 2011 and Drama Queen Seams has come a long way….  I have been procrastinating over what I wanted to do with my year-end post for weeks now.  Everyone has been posting a lot about what they have done and accomplished over the year.  I don’t think I’ve done much of anything but, when I looked back I was amazed at how much I have actually done.  It’s crazy!   If you really think about what you have done or been through in a year, it’s unbelievable.  I’m  still going to complain that there is never enough time in the day to do everything I would like to do and my to do list keeps getting longer and longer.  I guess there is always tomorrow.  This cluster of pictures are my favorite projects I’ve done this year and am most proud of.  There will be links below if you would like to see the full posts of these DIY projects…

  Chalk cloth tote, Flower hair pin, Pink tutu, Couples pillow, Queen of Hearts , Zebra tote,1 Pair of Leggings for 5 days, Floating Flower cardi, No sew mini-dress, Zebra toesBubble gum necklace, Color coded keys, Ribbon Wands, Flower Embellished Hat, Oil Cloth Belts, Flower Cuff, Duct Tape Market Bag, Infinity fringe Scarf , Big Button Barrette.

I participated in a 20 week photography challenge with Laura Beth over @ A Step in the Journey this year.  That was quite a commitment and challenge for me.  I completed it! Here is all twenty of my photos I took for the challenge.  According to Laura Beth my dinner picture was the most viewed and favorite for that weeks “What’s for Dinner” photo.  I found that so funny because I was very lazy and it was super hot that evening so my family got sandwiches for dinner.   Laura Beth claims that it was no ordinary sandwich.  So I’m very grateful you all liked my lazy night dinner.  If you get a chance to check out A Step in the Journey you wont be disappointed.   She has some amazing photography and projects.

1 pair of leggings for 5 days challenge 

This was my own challenge I did myself .  Just to see if I could do it and what I could come up with.  I would have to say it was lot’s of fun.

Knotted T-shirt bangle bracelet  

One of my most viewed posts of the year…  Woohoo!

OMG! How to tuck in jeans   

This was the other most viewed posts of the year at Drama Queen Seams.  And here I thought I was the only one who didn’t know this trick.  This was a photo I found on  Pintrest from Shawna @ Styleberry.  

This is so awesome?

I lost ten pounds this year…  I would have to say that has been one of my biggest challenges so far…  It was not easy and I almost gave up.  Pizza sounded so much better than salad.  Maybe this year I can lose those last 5 pounds?  Hope you all have a fun and fantastic New Year and I’ll see you in 2012….


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