Rosy Rose Headband

Our towns local dance studio  Visions Dance Academy  asked me no appointed me to come up with headbands to go with the little ones costumes for the spring recital. What great exposure this studio has given me and I’m always  grateful that people like my designs and ask me to come up with more for them.  I just thought it was funny the way that it was announced in front of everyone.  Thanks girl!!!

Anyways back to the girls, they are going to be the roses in Alice and Wonderland performance.  I’m so excited!  They should be really cute…

I made up a rolled rose headband this past weekend when brainstorming ideas for the project.  

I call her Rosy…

I added just a few well I guess you would say more like 5 rolled roses to a plain headband.   I love it!  It’s so pretty.

It would also be such a great accessory for your Valentines day outfit.

What a cutie!!!

What’s your plan for Valentines Day?

Leave me a comment below.

I love to hear the different things you all are doing for Love day…  I’ll tell you what we are doing as it gets closer to V-day…


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  1. new facebook follower from the hop, would love a follow back


  2. love it i want one too lacie is soo cute


  3. How cute is your daughter! Where do you get your headbands from? I bought some metal headbands previously from oriental trading but they don’t fit the head very well so I am on the look out for a different kind now. It looks like it fits her head nicely and she will make sure a cute little rose at the play!

    Valentines Day is normally what my hubby and I call expensive day so we stay away from restaurants on that day. We normally celebrate either earlier or later to save $ on eating out but will still do something special the night of at home. But also, I have to travel for work the next morning (6am flight =( ) so I can’t really do much valentines evening anyways!


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