Turquoise Obsession

 I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not that I have another obsession besides sewing and crafts...  It’s the color Turquoise! Anything that is turquoise in color I love.   My house and closet are filled with turquoise colored things.  I swear more than 2/3 of my closet is filled with turquoise colored clothing.  I think it might be a turquoise obsession!  Even my purse is turquoise.  You could ask any one of my kids, “What’s mommy’s favorite color?” and each one will tell you she likes loves turquoise.

  • Turquoise sweater have had forever.  I don’t even remember if I bought it myself or if someone gave it to me.
  • Pin Striped button up dress shirt/ Guess
  • Miss Me jeans/ Ebay
  • Oil Cloth belt / Drama Queen Seams
  • Green cord Tom’s / Christmas gift

Do any of you have one or two colors that you are obsessed with?

What one color dominates your closet?

Leave me a comment below and let me know what color you are crazy in love with…


 Momma Go Round

Katie's Nesting Spot


  1. The Reinvented Lass says:

    Black for me. Always a good color choice, especially since you can add pops of color. Other than that, I tend towards jewel tones of purple, blue, and green.

    Love your blog! Cathy


  2. Turquoise and aqua are my favorite colors, too! I just love it. Thanks for visiting my blog. : )


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