Chalk cloth play mat

I don’t know about you guys but I still keep a diaper bag in my car for the kids and none of them wear diapers anymore.  I guess it’s more of a ( Mom I’m board) type of bag now than a diaper bag.   I have coloring stuff in it, books, snacks, wipes for little messes, and a few DVD’s.  This Chalk cloth play mat is just one more little thing I throw in the bag too.  My daughter loves it…  She can play tic~tac~toe with her brothers or just draw pictures on this fun little mat while we are in the car.

The Chalk cloth mat has a small pocket on the front made out of oil cloth to hold your chalk when not in use.  I  also added a little tie so it can be rolled up and tied shut for easy storage.

Do you still keep a bag of stuff for your kids to play with in the car when running errands or traveling?  What do you have in it?  Leave me a comment below.



  1. hi there – this is very cool I love the oil cloth choice…I want a table cloth for cool chicness but total neatness…Great idea and thanks for sharing.

    have a great weekend


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