Rules of Motherhood…

Over the weekend I was pinning lots of stuff to my pin boards on Pintrest and came across some pins my mom had pinned.  One was about 25 rules for moms with sons and the other was 25 rules for moms with daughters.  So naturally I was interested in what the rules where and had to check it out.  The blogs it led me too are amazing.  These two ladies put a lot of time and thought into these rules but at the same time the rules are so simple.


Tabitha from Team Studer  started this little list 25 rules for moms with sons as a way to remind herself of the good things that come with being a mom.  We all know it can be hard.


 Sara from diapers & daisies  came up with a set of her own 25 rules for Mothers and Daughters after she had read Tabitha’s post from Team Studer.  Having two sons and one daughter she felt her daughter deserved the same.

I really think us as mothers try to do our best when raising our children but sometimes it can be very overwhelming.  At least for me anyway… 

Just last week I was talking to another mom and she had a meltdown because her two girls would not go to bed, her husband was out of town, and it had just been a very long day.  As she was telling me this story I just sat there and listened quietly but thought to myself this is my day to day life with my kids.

 All over blog~land we make it appear as if we are all Martha Stewart and have it all together and take pretty pictures.  I can tell you right now 9 times out of 10 I get blurry photos, the project I was working on didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped and I’m usually crying my eyes out because the kids are going 100 mph, one is sick or needs to go to the dentist again because his bracket broke.  Dinner is not even planned and I need to go grocery store.  Just to name a few…

Reading these two blog posts over the weekend really opened my eyes as to what’s really important when being a good mom.  I hope you enjoyed this little post and have a great day.



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