Ruffle scoop neck T~shirt 2 ways

Ruffles, ruffles and more ruffles…  I don’t know if I will ever get tired of ruffles.   So today I have a Ruffle scoop neck T~shirt 2 ways...

 All you will need to make this boring T better is to add some ruffles… Right!

  • Lay your fabric strip out over the center of the T.
  • My fabric strip was about 4 in. wide by I don’t know how long (sorry) and I also placed a 2 in. wide flat lace over that.
  • Pinch your two fabric strips together and pin in place.
  • Run a stitch up the center of them both stitching through the t~shirt.
  • Make sure the back of your T is out-of-the-way when your sewing.
  •  you will also want to stitch down the edges of your 4 in. fabric ruffle otherwise you will have this really big floppy ruffle.  If you like that by all means leave it.

 I love how the contrast of the white and black look against the purple.

I am one of those who hates high necklines on tops and dresses.

 It drives me crazy!

If the neckline is to high I feel as if the clothing is choking me.  So no turtle necks for me…  Turtle necks are so ugly anyway.  Dose anyone even wear them anymore?

On both T’s I cut the original neckline off just on the front of the top.  Then rounded my neckline so it would scoop lower in the front.  Pinned a strip of cream knit fabric in a random ruffle pattern.  Stitched the fabric down to the t~shirt running my stitch down the center of the ruffle.


Is anyone tired of Re~fashioning yet?

 I sure hope not!

I have some more great stuff coming up in the next week.  The month is almost coming to an end and I have to refashion it or get rid of it by the 31st.  Eek!  So I’m on a mission to have lots of new items in my closet for Spring and Summer…


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  1. The Daily Fashionista says:

    I have a question that is probably kind of silly, when you pin something like that…….do you run it through the sewing machine with all the pins still in place or do you pull them out as you go? Or how does that work?


    • Usually I will pull the pins out as I go. Mostly because I don’t want to go back and pull them out after I’m done sewing. I’m lazy like that… I think it depends on the fabric too. If it’s a really light weight fabric I will sew right over the pins just because the fabric tends to shift on me. I hope that helps?


      • The Daily Fashionista says:

        That does help, thanks! I was just nervous that the needle would hit the pins and break or something like that. Lol. Your ruffle scoop neck came out really cute!


      • Your needle may break, you will just have to replace it. Not a big deal. Thanks so much.


  2. Very cute!! So I can’t find your Google + or FB to follow??? Let me know and I will come bak this weekend! Stopping in from Friday’s bloghop and would love a follow back via GFC, Google + … I just started my Facebook page – if you get the chance to check that out as well.


  3. New blog hop follower! Happy to have found you! Have a great weekend! 🙂


  4. So cute. I’m jealous of your flip flops! It must be nice weather where you are.


    • Thanks… Flip flops are a must down here. I just wish the weather would make up it’s mind on to be warm or cold. It was warm that day so I could wear my oh so comfy flip flops. We live in the High Desert of So. CA so we can get snow and mega heat.


  5. Those are both really cute!



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