My 1 month Refashion Challenge

I just can’t believe that the month of March is over and now we are moving on to another… Where does the time go?

I have had a lot of fun with all my Refashion projects and still didn’t finish half of them.  But I was able to eliminate some of the things I didn’t want to even try to refashion.  So this challenge was a lot of help for me, but very stressful.  I don’t do well with stress.  I do however have a stack of refashion projects that are in the works and will share them with you when they are completed.

Skinny me up pants (one of the top viewed projects) ~ Cut off’s ~Wing sleeve top

A belt refashion and two other refashioned tops I will share with you when they are completed.

Tank dress ~ Lazy afternoon skirt ~ Ruffle top 2 ways

Ribbon Sandals  (Featured on Sugar N Spice Blog ) ~ Pant’s no more  ( one of the most viewed projects) ~ Spring inspired straw tote ~ 5 accessories 1 T-shirt ( one of the most viewed)

Multi strand necklace top ~ Ruffles and Roses top ~ Pretty pants patches ~ Embellished sweater

Vintage inspired sweater ~ Blazer to bag ~ embellished ballet flats

I thought I would let you see that I’m very messy when I create.  I usually work on more than one project at a time.  I know it’s crazy!  I’m getting better at finishing one thing at a time.  I like so many different things that I tend to get board after so long or I will get a really great idea and have to start it right away.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed my little refashion challenge.  Not to say I won’t be doing anymore refashions.  I most defiantly will.  I’m just ready to move onto some other fun projects for the Spring.

I hope you will come back and check them out.


  1. It’s nice to see other creative messes and know I’m not the only one! Keep up the refashioning. I love your stuff!


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