Ruffle Neckline tank

Isn’t it fun just to add a little extra something to your outfit…  Weather it be jewelry, shoes, accessories or even a little embellishment or two.  I had some of that zebra print fabric left over from the Zebra print tutu I made the last week.  Why not make some ruffles?  So I can dress up a little plain tank.

 Now we have a ruffle neckline tank top to pair up with a simple denim skirt or even some cut~off shorts.

This little embellishment couldn’t be simpler to add.  You can use any scrap fabric you like and a plain tank top.   I found this tank at Wal-Mart for maybe $3 or so.  Make sure you wash your fabric and your tank before so it doesn’t shrink on you the first time you wash it.  We don’t want any shrinking happening here.

  1. Ruffle up your strip of fabric. You will need to double the length of fabric needed to get a nice fluffy ruffle.  So if my neckline is 12 inches I would need 24 inches of fabric for ruffling. To ruffle you will want to set your machine to the longest stitch length it has.  Run the stitch down the center of your fabric.  When done pull one of the threads up to gather the fabric.
  2. Pin into place along the neckline.
  3.  Stitch the ruffle onto the tank.
A super simple embellishment in a matter of minutes.
Have fun!


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