Succulent Garden

I have been wanting to put one of these succulent gardens together for a long time and finally did it.  Living here in the desert you are limited to what will survive the heat and lack of water.  A succulent garden is your best way to go.  It may cost you a little $ at first to get is started but once established it’s well worth it.

Via Justinablakeney

Here are a few other ideas I happened to find on Pintrest.  Love the containers some have chosen and the colored rocks that have been used in some of these displays.

Very pretty…

Via Goodlifeofdesign

 Via Pintrest

Via pintrest 

It cost me about $30 dollars for all my plants, pots, and rocks to make two displays.  There are so many different succulents to choose from.


  1. I love succulents – thanks for sharing this beautiful set of ideas. BTW- loved the nail idea too…going to try them out before vacation next week.

    one crafty mess


  2. I bought some succulent plants last week, can’t wait to put mine together! Love these ideas 🙂


  3. thebeadden says:

    Thanks for the ideas!


  4. Dienna Schiro says:

    I HAVE SOME SUCCULENT I REALLY LOVE MAKING THE GARDENS. But I have trouble finding them if you know we’re to send off for them please let me know .



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