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Today I have a special guest post about the Do’s and Don’ts During Pregnancy by a super sweet girl named Katie from More From Katie.  She is a SHAM and is extremely passionate about life,healthy living, baking, fashion, and all things ‘DIY’…

So take it away Katie!

The Do’s and Don’ts During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience that many women are fortunate enough to experience at least once during life. Few days are more memorable or thrilling as the day a woman realizes she is expecting a baby – and the subsequent 40 weeks are filled with excitement and overwhelming emotions. When a woman is considering becoming pregnant or is already pregnant, she knows that there are many things she should and should not do during the course of her pregnancy.

The first thing a woman should when she learns she’s expecting is call her OBGYN and make an appointment. Regular visits to the doctor are required for pregnant women and her doctor will provide her with a list of the different appointments she will have throughout the course of her pregnancy. It‘s imperative that expectant mothers attend all of their scheduled doctor appointments throughout their pregnancy. Pregnant women should adhere to a healthy diet that includes extra calories to keep her and her child nourished. She should also take prenatal vitamins, get moderate exercise and get a flu shot if it’s the season.

Some things women cannot do during pregnancy are common knowledge. Most pregnant women know not to drink alcohol or take drugs. But many pregnant women are unaware of the fact that they cannot take many over the counter or prescription drugs as well, even if she is sick. Pregnant women should always talk to their doctor about medications that are safe to use during pregnancy prior to using them. Pregnant women should also steer clear of toxins, which includes paint – leave it to dad, a friend or family member to pain the nursery. Pregnant woman should not eat most fish and should avoid deli meat and all forms of sushi. Additionally, when pregnant, women should avoid gardening, changing cat litter, playing with reptiles and using most household cleaners that have warning labels on them.

Additionally, there are a number of things to consider that may not be at the forefront of mom’s mind when she discovers she is pregnant. For example, moms need to make a decision regarding what to do with their baby’s umbilical cord blood after the baby is born – save it, discard it or donate it.  Cord blood banking allows families to collect and save the umbilical cord blood for potential future medical use.  Ask your doctor about cord blood banking and find out about other medical procedures that will take place at the time of delivery. Moms should also avoid stress as much as possible. Stress can have a negative effect on pregnancy, which can affect the baby and moms health.

“This article was written by Katie Moore. Katie is an active writer within the blogging community who discusses maternity, motherhood, prenatal health, childbirth and other topics within this niche.  If you have any questions or would like to connect with Katie please contact her via twitter @moorekm26.”

Katie even has some great tutorials on gifts for that new mom to be like this No Bake Diaper Cake…  
This is so pretty I wouldn’t want to even use it…  
I also found this on Pintrest from The Buzz Daily and thought this would be a fun thing to do when expecting your new bundle of joy.  
If any of you are expecting I wish you the best and Congrats!  It’s a new experience having a baby even if it’s a second or third.  
I enjoyed every one of my pregnancies and would do it again in a heartbeat. Don’t tell my husband I said that!

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