Flower Stenciled shorts

Flower stenciled shorts are quick and simple enough for your little one to make all by herself.

We used a flower stencil for this project.  You can make your own stencil if you like.  I just don’t have the patience to make my own.   I placed the stencil on top of the shorts and let my little one trace the flowers with fabric pens.  She even colored a few in but got tired so momma finished it.

 I’m so in love with how cute they turned out.

Originally I found this fabulous tutorial from insanaeegocentrica  earlier this month and knew right away had to try it.  I just love the color contrast of the pink shorts and the black cheetah print.

Is this not an awesome DIY or what?


  1. misscitychic says:

    aww those shorts are soo cutee!


  2. Oh how I wish I still had a little girl at home!! We would be all over this one! So cute!



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