Easy DIY Nail Art by Escentual.com

Easy DIY Nail Art

1x Bright Nail Colour (I used coral)

1x Contrasting Nail Colour (I used white)

1x Glittery Nail Colour (I used gold glitter)

1x Bobby Pin

1x Makeup Sponge

1x Post-It Note

As a recessionista with a love of all things pretty, I have picked up some very handy low-cost beauty tips over the years. If you’re in awe of the recent nail art explosion but don’t have the time or the budget to scope out the proper tools, take a few tips from me – with a couple of household items you can recreate some professional-looking art in no time.

1. Polka Dots

This look is easy to achieve and looks absolutely amazing – as long as you have a steady hand and a bit of patience. Start by painting your nail an all-over base shade and wait for it to dry. Next, pour a small amount of your contrasting colour onto a small piece of paper, take a straightened-out bobby pin, and dip the bulbous end into the varnish. Starting in the centre of the nail, begin dotting your design on. The rounded shape of the bobby pin ensures perfect results every time.

Tip: Wipe off the excess before touching the bobby pin to the nail to ensure even dots.

2. Dip-Dye Tips

The ombre trend is so hot right now, and the look is surprisingly easy to recreate at home. Begin by painting your nail an all-over base shade and wait to dry. Pour a small amount of your chosen glittery colour onto a small piece of paper, scrunch up your small makeup sponge, and carefully dab the nail from the mid section upwards. Start off with a thin layer, and build up the intensity towards the nail tip for a more densely glittery effect.

Tip: This look works equally as well with opaque varnish as it does with a glittery nail colour.

3. Tricolour 

This one is probably the hardest to get right, but when you do, the results are stunning. Begin by again painting the nail your all-over base colour before allowing to dry. Next, lay the sticky part of a post it note diagonally over the nail, ensuring that it is stuck down fully. Paint the exposed 2/3s of nail with your contrasting colour and allow to dry fully. Peel the post-it note away, and apply it again so that 1/3 of the nail is exposed. Fill that area in with the glittery hue and allow to dry. Once the post-it note is peeled away, you’re left with an even and neat tricolour design.

Tip: The stickier the post-it note, the better!

Emma is a fashion blogger with a passion for DIY. She writes for Escentual.com, a British beauty website.

Hope you enjoyed this little post as much as I did…  I never would have thought of using the tools that Emma used in making nail art.

 Very creative…


  1. I love that glitter-ombre nail!! It’s beautiful and sounds quite easy to do. I will try it for sure this summer 🙂



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