Drama Queen Seams

I thought it would be fun to update and re~blog some of my older posts.  This is one of my favorite tutorials I have done here on DramaqueenSeams.

I hope you enjoy it too…

This is the Oil Cloth Bag I made as a GiveAway on the blog.

 Isn’t it cute.

 I’m telling you if you had one of these bags you would use it all the time.  It is great for picnics, swimming, groceries, and more.  I still have and use mine for the past  5 yrs.  

It works great and lasts a long time. 

I start out by cutting  (2)  18×18 squares for the main part of the bag and (2 ) 18×3 in. strips for the contrasting top portion of the bag.  I sew the strips right sides together onto the  main bag piece. Flip it up and top stitch across so it lays nice and flat. All…

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