Our Summer …

With it being Sunday and all I thought a few pictures of what our summer has been like would be kind of fun.  We only have two more weeks left before our school year begins.  Of course the boy’s aren’t to excited about it but the Drama Queen can’t wait to start 1st grade.

Lots and lots of lemonade and strawberries have been consumed this summer.

We have also been keeping cool with some homemade snow cones

These are so good!

Sitting by the pool is always nice and relaxing…

I have been doing a lot of reading this summer and who wouldn’t want to sit next to the pool with a good book and a cool drink.

A broken arm was not in the plan for our summer but we have made do with other activities.

Lifeguard training was very cool.

We grew some awesome vegetables in our backyard garden.  No pepper jelly this summer  but the homemade salsa was supper yummy!

Also lots of popsicle’s have been eaten here in the desert to keep cool.

To keep my little one busy we have painted lots of toes and had at home pedicures at least once a week.

Girl time is always fun!

Grew a bunch of bright yellow sunflowers.

Swimming has been a big help when mom needs a time out.  Unfortunately the little drama queen hasn’t been able to go swimming for most of the summer.

 I can’t wait for school to start so I can have a little extra time to be more creative.

Anyway that’s our summer story.

No big vacations this year but we did have some family come visit for a week and that is always nice.

Hope you all had or are having a wonderful summer too.

Oil cloth painting apron

flower hair elastic

diy sparkled up headband

stenciled shorts

ruffled tank


  1. VERY SWEEt – great pictures, cute kids and sounds like you are all having fun. Mine start back on aug 6th – I am way more excited then my kids. thanks for sharing

    one crafty mess


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