Customize a store bought bag your way

Fun and easy DIY to make any store bought bag your own…

Drama Queen Seams

I’m so excited I finally finished this project.  It only took a few hours but I’ve been putting it off all summer long.

I don’t know.
It kept getting pushed aside and finally I was tired of my old purse and this was easy and simple.  

 I should have done this sooner.

Too cute!

I had found this hobo bag at a thrift store for $1.
Can you believe it $1!
It’s just a Target brand bag but it was black and sued.  Or faux sued anyway.

 Let’s put it this way it was a good base bag to re-vamp anyway I like.

Just a plain basic black bag.
Cute but it needed something more…

Some texture!

I cut up some strips of black faux-fur  and did a messy ruffle stitch.  You know where you just push the fabric under the presser foot.  I love this way, it’s so…

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  1. Such a great idea! I’ll have to bookmark this post! 🙂


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