15 tips to following through with your Sewing projects

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I found this old vintage Coats & Clark’s sewing guide while out scanning the local thrift stores one day and I though you all might enjoy a few tips and tricks I came across in the book…

15 Tips to Following through:

1. Take your measurements – Then decide on the size and type of pattern that is right for you.

2. Buy pattern, fabric, notions at the same time so you won’t be held up. The pattern envelope tells you what you will need.

3. Get organized –  prepare a cutting surface, set up the ironing board and get out all the necessary equipment.

4. Study the pattern guide sheet –  pick out the pattern pieces you will use and press them. Compare the pattern measurements with your own and make any necessary adjustments.

5. Cut out the garment –  prepare the fabric if necessary, straightening ends and grain. Pin the pattern in place, following the cutting layout. Cut out.

6. Transfer the pattern markings to the garment sections –  this is extremely important and must always be done with great care.

7. Look at the guide sheet to see how your garment will be sewn together.

8. Get your sewing machine ready – take out time to test the stitch length, tension, pressure and balance on the fabric you are using.

9. To baste or not to baste – let your judgement and experience be your guide; with an easy fabric and a simple pattern you may do very little basting but with a slippery fabric it may be better to baste.

10. Press as you sew – the pressing of seams as you finish each section is very important. You will hardly have any pressing to do at the end.

11. Try on the garment, with side seams and waist seam (if any) basted. There should be very few adjustments, if any. Do not over fit!

12. Finish all machine stitching and put in the zipper if you haven’t done so before.

13. Have someone mark your hemline – in most cases this is the best way.

14. Do all the hand sewing for the finishing touches.

15. A final pressing and you can wear it.

photo via google

Hope you all enjoyed this little bit of this sewing know how as much as I did…  It was just one of those things I figured it might be helpful or inspiring when trying to complete a sewing project.

It was for me at least.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

 Have a great day!

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  1. So to see the vintage pictures. I love the last one with the red dress!


  2. Good tips. Now to follow them =)



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