Fabric dying (trying something I’ve always wanted to do)

Have you ever tried to dye fabric?

I have always wanted to try it but was to chicken to try.

This weekend I did it!

 I had found this Tulip brand fabric dye on clearance and figured why not…  I think it had something to do with the fact it was turquoise too.

 I was super nervous and so afraid I was going to mess it up but as soon as I mixed it all together according to the directions on the package and saw the color I knew I had to go for it…

In goes my fabric into the washing machine and instantly it turned this fabulous turquoise color.


The package said it was only for a few yards of fabric but I couldn’t help myself and added about 5 yards of fabric and it still came out great.

What do you think?

Not bad for a rookie.

    Check back soon to see what I made from all this turquoise fabric.

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Partying over here today:

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  1. Love it! Going to have to try it!! The fabric turned out beautiful!!


  2. So pretty! I want to try now too!


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