Pipe Cleaner Flower Ring

How cute are these Pipe Cleaner Flower Rings?

To be completely honest I don’t remember where I came across these cute Pipe Cleaner Flower Rings,

but you can Google it and find lots of other tutorials showing you how to make them.

 I just wanted to share this little project with all of you anyway because these rings are so adorable and fun.

What girl could resist?

  1. Twist all three pipe cleaners together to make a loop
  2. Try on finger and make adjustments for the perfect fit
  3. Spread out your pipe cleaner ends.  You should have six
  4. Spiral roll them into the center
  5. Once all six ends are rolled you can fan them out to look like a flower
  6. Your flower ring is done and ready to wear

I like the look of a leaf peaking out so I added a green pipe cleaner to the bottom of this pink pipe cleaner flower ring to make it look more realistic.  You can do what ever you like.

Roll both ends into each other just like before and twist it so it sits underneath your flower.

Even my son wanted to play with them.

A little cute craft to do on a Sunday afternoon with your kids.

This would be a great project for a birthday or slumber party.

I hope you enjoy!

I found a few other places you can see other great Pipe Cleaner crafts.  DIYready has a great pencil holder tutorial.  Martha Stewart makes pipe cleaner creatures and Martha Stewart shows us how to make more flower rings.

So much fun!


  1. My kids at school would LOVE doing this! Thanks for sharing I’m headed to get the pipe cleaners right now!


  2. kangaroomamajourney says:

    Oh my goodness, these are way too cute?! Now I want some for myself! Your son is such a cutie pie…he makes pipe cleaner rings look manly! =P


  3. Very cute! What great and easy craft! Thanks for linking up!


  4. I featured you today! I hop you will stop by and link up again today!


  5. So cute I imagine miss E and her Girl Scouts would love them. I just shared on facebook and pinterest. Thanks for the tutorial.


  6. These are the cutest little rings ever! My son is giving them to the little girls in his class for valentines day. I was thinking you could flatten out the ring and glue a little clip on it to make a barrette too.


  7. Yes my daughter loves them… I have had a lot of teachers do this project with there classes. Too fun!



  1. […] Pipe Cleaner Flower Rings are soo cute by Drama Queen Seams! These would be great for a little girls party favor or a super easy craft for a birthday party! […]


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