ReVamped Kids Car Seat

  My petite little Drama Queen hates that she has to sit in a car seat still and her brothers don’t.  So what I did to convince her she has to use the seat or mommy will get in trouble was to recovered the plain black cover that it comes with is to cover it in something else.  We found this bright teal fabric and a contrasting floral print to revamp it in.

Here is what I did to recover the old seat…

I took the old cover off and undid all the seams with a seam ripper.  Now I have some pattern pieces that I can use as a guide for the new car seat cover.

Cut new fabric.

I stitched my new fabric pieces right over the old using the existing foam cushion.  Why buy new when I can reuse what I have already.  To finish off the edges I had cut some contrasting fabric to use as bias.

It worked out great and the little Drama Queen loves it…

Made in a Day


  1. That is so clever!!! And now she can brag that she has the best seat in the car! 🙂


  2. Wow! It’s so lovely! I think this makes you eligible for Mother of the Year!


  3. thisisthecraftyone says:

    What a great idea!


  4. Wow that is gorgeous! ive always wanted to make a new cover…. but I just havnt got around to it. After seeing how great yours is I might push it up my list of things to make!
    Great job! Well done. Love your instructions too.


  5. Very very cute! Great job! Thanks for linking up


  6. What type of needle did you use?


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