How to wear a skinny beaded scarf

How to wear a skinny beaded scarf.

 I just started to play around with skinny scarfs since the weather is changing and love the effect that this scarf gives to my outfit so I thought I would share it with all of you.

I can wear it as a headband.

I really like a the classy look it gives with the beads.

Very chic!

I wore it 2 different ways as a necklace here.  One way that I figured out was to tie a knot above the beads so it hung like a pendent.  Another way was the beads were against the back of my neck and tied in a knot in font.

I think this was my favorite way to were the skinny beaded scarf was as a belt.  But I wore it high above the waist…  To give that effect of an empire top look.  You could say this is a no sew refashion idea…

The Skinny Beaded Scarf is for sale in my boutique Drama queen Appeal if anyone would like to order…  There are 4 different colors to choose from.

Well what do you think?

I’m sure there are many more ways to wear a skinny beaded scarf out there.  This was just a few ideas I had this morning as I was getting ready to start my Friday so I thought I would share.

I love Fridays…

There is just something about it that makes it like the best day of the week for me…  We all love the weekend but FRIDAY day is usually my most inspiring, creative and carefree day of the week.   A day to let go of all the negative and start fresh.  You would think it should be Monday but mine is today.

Hope everyone enjoys today and the weekend to come.


  1. Super-cute! And lovely photos! 🙂



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