Upholstered Leopard print bench

This is one of those projects I had completed awhile ago and thought it was time to finally share it with you.  My little Leopard print bench is placed at the end of my bed in our master bedroom…  I love it!

This little bench was one my mom had picked up for me maybe 5 years ago from Ross.  A birthday present I think.  It had a really pretty green floral print fabric on it with some nice tassel trim along the bottom edge.  The bench has been moved from room to room over the years but the decor then the colors of the decor have changed and the bench color just didn’t work anymore in the house.  My little one would also lay under the bench and pick at the tassel trim all apart.  Nice huh!

So my little bench got a facelift!

The old trim got taken off the bench and there was really no reason to take it off the old fabric so I just upholstered over the top of it.

This leopard print fabric is a faux suede I love working with it.  Placed the fabric right side up over the top of the bench flipped it over carefully and started stapling down the fabric to the bottom of the bench.  I used hot glue to attach the flat braid trim along the bottom edge.  Nice new updated bench for the master bedroom.


Made in a Day

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