Personalized Baseball Tee

The boys are playing Fall Ball this season and  I wanted them to have their baseball tee personalized.  You know with their names on the back like a professional baseball jersey.

The boys are so silly… They are no help when it comes to taking nice pictures…

 They just love to torment the little Drama Queen…

How could I leave her out of getting her own personalized tee…

Well, I couldn’t!

So hers is much more dramatic than the boys baseball tee is…

It’s so girly. Right!

Love it!

I use some iron on transfer letters in red and orange to match the team colors for each boys team.  Ironed them on according to the directions on the back of the package.


Drama queen got a combination of both colors so she can be both teams cheerleader on the sideline at the games.

Too much fun these kids are.  It’s a good thing they make me laugh otherwise I don’t know how I could handle everything that comes my way.


  1. Lovely photos and I like the personalized clothes !



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