Big Bow Barrette

 I have a Big Bow Barrette tutorial for you today… It’s super simple and requires no sewing what so ever.

Depending on what size of a bow you want will determine the size of your square you cut out.  For my tiny bows I cut a 1 x 1 square and a 1/2 x 1 strip to wrap around the center.  The big bow was 3 x 2 cut of felt fabric.  Once I was all finished with my bow I was able to slip a metal pop barrette (that’s what I call them) through the back side of the bow and poof!

  Instant barrette!  It’s that simple!!!

Originally I had made all these bows for missy’s cat costume… The bow’s were so easy to make that I just kept making more of them and had a lot of left over.  So why not make something out of them.  The bows are made out of felt so no sewing or frayed edges to worry about.

Hope you enjoy this cute little hair accessory…

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  1. wow those are sweet bows. I have made some out of felt too. I love that he felt is cheap enough to replace since my girls are so tough and careless with their hair ties…gotta love kids.Hope you have a great weekend

    one crafty mess



  1. […] felt bow (tutorial here) […]


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