Bleach Transfer T-shirt (first attempt)

This is such a cool project to do and I have been wanting to do this Bleach Transfer for a long time now.  But I was a little hesitant and a little scared that I was going to mess it up.  Then I thought to myself it’s only a $5 dollar t-shirt.

 Who cares if I mess it up.


I used a doily that I had on hand to do the bleach transfer for this project.  I put the bleach into a spray bottle with a small amount of water and sprayed away… I did place a piece of cardboard inside the t-shirt so the bleach didn’t run through to the backside of my tee.

This is just my first attempt at bleach transfer.   At first I wasn’t really happy that the details of the doily didn’t show up as much as I had hopped.  But once I tried it on I liked it a lot…

 I’m totally going to try some other ideas using bleach.  It’s an easy way to transfer a plain t-shirt into one that no one else has.

I just love that!

Uniqueness is what I call it.

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  1. The bleach effect looks great….another idea….perhaps sew the doily to the t-shirt, off centre from the bleach section…to mimic the ‘hint’ of doily from the bleach section? Just a thought…


  2. That’s a neat way to use bleach to embellish a shirt. I’ve got some plastic holders with an interesting pattern that I’d like to try with this. Thanks for the idea.


  3. I wonder if you used one of those paper doilies with a less intricate design if it would be clearer. . . It’s a neat idea though!


  4. Custom printing applying t shirt transfers is also another type of order which many customers make from the t shirt printing company.


  5. Could you spray the bleach onto the object and then press the object onto the shirt; sort of like a bleach print/stamp?


  6. love this idea thanks for sharing it!


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