Snapshot Sundays ( I’m Sick )

I was doing great at the beginning of this week…

Got my hair done, planted some new flowers, cleaned the house and even finished up a few DIY projects I’ve been working on.

Then I fell apart.

I had to have a mole removed.  One of those witch type moles on my nose.  Nice!

Then I came down with a head cold.  Fun!

And my lovely husband was out-of-town for the week.  Could it get any worse?

I didn’t take any pictures of the kids this week at all.  Just stayed in my PJ’s and tried to take it easy, well as easy as any mom can when she’s sick…

 Doing better today.  Thank goodness…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you have missed anything I ‘m doing a blog post series of snapshots that I will share with you on Sundays so all of you can get to know the real me and my family…  So bare with me…

 I might post some silly, dorky, sad, or crazy snapshots of my family and I that I have been able to catch on camera over the corse of each week…

This is my crazy life and I love it!

Well most of the time…


  1. Get well very soon oké and have a lovely day !


  2. Your nightstand looked identical to mine last week. Battling a cold that’s still hanging on. Hope you feel better soon!


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