Glittered tipped Flats! Shoe Rescue…


You all voted for GLITTER…

 All of the ideas that I had seen to refashion these poor little beat up shoes were very cute and fun but glitter was the over all winner. You can see the original post here.   I will defiantly have to try some of these other ideas out another time.

 I got lucky this time around and had everything on hand so there was no cost to refashion these little shoes.

 Momma’s shoes also got a well needed makeover…

I didn’t wear the toes out or anything like the drama queen but after seeing hers I just wanted some glitter on my shoes too.

To keep the glue and glitter from going everywhere I used a piece of duck tape to section the area off.  Then laid that Modge Podge on super thick and sprinkled it up with glitter.

It took about 24 hrs. for the shoes to dry.  Removed the duck tape and sprayed them with a clear glitter sealer spray (found at Hobby Lobby) so the glitter wouldn’t fall off.  Luckily I had the sealer from another project.

Then we had to try on our new GLITTER tipped Flats.

What a fun project to do…

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  1. pleatsandpearls says:

    Very cute!! I may just have to do this too!


  2. LOVE!!! 🙂


  3. Very lovely shoes, they look very original and fashionable ! Xoxo


  4. The shoes turned out so nice and i love the photographs, too! I just learned how to do collages on photoshop and I can’t wait to try one! So cute, I’m going to have to make some of these for Brooke.
    Enjoy your day!


  5. Who WOULDN’T vote for glitter?? These are adorable and I’m going to make them in, like, 5 minutes…


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