Kid Tested Gingerbread House


I was brave and took all three kids with me to the grocery store a few weeks ago.  I wasn’t thinking clearly that day…

Sometimes I forget how much work it is to take all of them anywhere by myself.

As soon as we walked into the store there was a big display of the gingerbread house kits.  Thank you very much grocery store!!!

All of them wanted their own of course and started arguing over which one to get.  I think there were maybe three different ones to choose from.  Mommy told them they could only get one.  I had to do a little creative persuasion to convince them to go with the mini village kit.  Each kid could then make their own mini house.  Plus I didn’t want three big half eaten gingerbread houses sitting on my dinning room table for the rest of the month.


The kit had 5 mini houses, frosting, sprinkles, and 3 bags of different candies to decorate the houses with.


Daddy had to get in and help a little bit too.

 He loves to help her with this kind of stuff.


My silly kid always has to show off.



Crafting time at our house!


Even the oldest kid had a great time creating his own mini gingerbread house with the family.  It was fun for the kids and I didn’t have to bake any gingerbread.

Family Fun!

It’s been a week and I have 5 half eaten mini gingerbread houses sitting on my dinning room table.  Sprinkles all over my table runner and every time I turn around that little drama queen is snacking on one of them making a bigger mess for me.

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