Make your own Bracelet Stand (Handmade Holiday Presents)

Bracelets, bracelets and more bracelets… What to do when you have too many bracelets.
You make a Bracelet Stand!


This is part of my Handmade Holidays…  During Christmas our family tries to make most of the gifts we plan on giving for the holidays…  It just seems so much more personal and  thoughtful.  It doesn’t help we love to create just for the fun either.  All of the ladies in my family are all getting one of these for Christmas.  So ladies act surprised when you open it.

Dec 1, 2012

  1. I used a CD holder for my base ( when you buy blank CD’s they sit in this case)
  2. Water bottle (cut off the top and bottom) measure the center and make a cut for your bottle to fit onto the stand
  3. Batting (wrap it around your bottle and glue together) make sure to cut a small hole for the stand to fit through
  4. Fabric of your choice ( I used a purple velvet) wrap around the bottle folding one of the edges for a finished look.
  5. Glue down. Wrap up the ends and secure with a rubber band.
  6. Cut some black felt circles the size of your tube ends and your base stand.  Hot glue over the ends pressing firm.
  7. Glue your tube onto the base and press.
  8. Cut up the center of your larger felt circle  and slip it around the CD holder base.  Glue into place.
  9. Cover all your edges with trim for a nice added touch of class.
  10. Let dry and decorate with your bracelets


The stand is pretty sturdy as long as you have your bracelets evenly displayed on each side of it.

I realized after I finished this project that I should have used a smaller water bottle instead of a large one.   So I’m keeping this one for myself.  If you make one of these Bracelet stands you will want to make sure you measure your tube so the bracelets fit around it.

Good luck!




  1. Very creative lovely bracelets !


  2. That is SO clever!!! Thanks for the great idea and tutorial! 🙂


  3. cool. idea – this looks so extravagant….thanks for sharing

    one crafty mess



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