Styrofoam Snowman Ornament



Dec 13, 20121

Supplies needed to make a styrofoam snowman ornament:

styrofoam balls in a variety of sizes

spray texture ( Lowes ) or snow spray (Christmas section of your local box store)

black sharpie pen

hot glue and gun

red felt for scarf

eye pin

ribbon for hanging

Hot glue your styrofoam balls together pressing into place.  Spray with your texture mix and let dry overnight.  Hot glue your felt scarf around his neck.  We just made his face and buttons down his belly by applying dots to him with our sharpie pen.  Place your eye pin into his head and attach a ribbon for hanging to the tree.


I hope you enjoyed our cute little week of Holiday Home Decor projects and I’ll see you later.


  1. So cute that snowman, lovely three ornament ! Xoxo


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