What do you think???


What do you think???

Should I go with this crazy little Drama Queen button


A little more simple and chic


I want a button that grabs your attention and makes you want to click on it…  You know like a store that has the most amazing window display that makes you want to go inside just to look around.

 Does that make sense?

The top button of my little drama queen is fun and makes me laugh but I’m also curious to see more.  The button on the bottom is simple yet still very interesting and makes me want to see what else is behind the door.

I need some help!!!

Please leave me a comment below and let me know what you think.  Even if you don’t like either one of the buttons and think I should start from scratch I want to know.


  1. Lili & Mum's says:

    I like the one with your little drama queen! It makes me laugh because she is so cute! She reminds me a little of my niece at that age.


  2. I love your real little drama queen! 🙂


  3. pleatsandpearls says:

    i really love the simple and chic one! it’s more polished!!


  4. Yeah, I like the second one. So simple and polished.


  5. I love your 1st one, to awesome and cute, put pls this one ! Xoxo


  6. Your little drama queen is adorable and fun the second option is more professional and chic. I would be likely to check out the second one and then enjoy some fun and sense of humour in your posts. 🙂


  7. daisysandrainbows says:

    I do get the idea u are talking about a display window of a shop from that point of view it should actually be about what ur blog is all about may be one of ur creations which was very popular or got most of the comments or liking , by the way ur little drama queen is so cute xx


  8. I love the second one, as I am more tempted and want to buy your button and would click on see if I can find.


  9. I love the second one. As I am tempted to buy which makes me want to look at what you do.


  10. I love your daughter, she looks like a total cutie! But for the blog button, I would say the 2nd one because it really says DIY blog more. Plus, I want to know where I can get one of those crown pendants like what you display on your button (seriously, are you selling it?!)!


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