Dip-dyed Tunic


Who hasn’t splashed bleach on their clothes before?

  I usually wear an apron when using bleach because I’m really good at splashing myself with it.  Nine times out of ten I will get it on something I’m not supposed to.

So I just happened to be wearing this top when I was using bleach and got some on the sleeve of my shirt.   I was mad at first and then noticed the dark gray shirt turned this pretty purple color from the bleach.  I thought maybe I could dip dye it and give it that faded color look…

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All I did was fill my kitchen sink with hot water and a cup of bleach.  Dipped my top into it a few times until I was happy with the look.  Rinsed it out with cold water and let it hang to dry.  The next morning I washed and dried it.

 That’s it!

I did try a few other shirts using this same technique but not all of them changed color.  If you have any questions about this post let me know and I will try to help.


  1. I’ve been seeing loads of dip dyed shirts around lately, but I would have never thought to use bleach for a reverse effect. The purple and gray look so rich together. Great way to save that shirt.



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