Knotted No~Sew Blanket


Like usual I took the drama queen to the store with me and for some odd reason she always comes home with something… This time she came home with the cutest Hello Kitty fleece fabric.  Of course there was two different prints and she just had to have them both…  A knotted no~sew blanket is what she got.

It did turn out really cute if I do say so myself.



When I make a no~sew fleece blanket I usually tie the strips together in a double knot but this time I found another way to finish off the edge of the blanket looping it instead of tying it…  You can check out the tutorial here from That Village House (blog) …




  1. easycraftsforchildren says:

    How lovely !!


  2. Very cute! And a great project for kids to do themselves.


  3. love it! I will put that on my one day I’d like to make one of those list!


  4. That Hello Kitty fabric is such a top! Girls never grow out of Hello Kitty, I guess 😀



  1. […] are many things you can make in advance that anyone would love to receive. — One great idea is a no-sew blanket. Using fleece fabric bought by the yard at your local craft store, you can easily make a warm and […]


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