Animal Print Scarf


Back at Christmas time I needed a few presents for some of the girls in the family and I had been wanting to make some really pretty scarves out of a lightweight sheer fabric.  I happened to have bought this really pretty animal print back in the summer to make a sheer overlay type of top for myself to wear with my turquoise pants and never got around to it.  So now it became 3 really cute animal print scarves instead.

Recently Updated54What I used:

Sheer fabric (72 in L x 12 in. W)

Needle & thread for hand stitching the ends shut

Pins for keeping fabric in place

Once the fabric was all cut I folded it over on top it’s self with wrong sides together.  Ran a straight stitch along the edge. Pressed with a warm iron.  Trimmed the edge as close as I could turned it right side out.  Stitched up the edge again enclosing the raw edge to make it a nice clean french seam. Pressed with the iron and hand stitched the bottom ends closed with matching thread.


I had this braided leather necklace with feathers that I thought needed something else to go along with it  so I knotted it onto the scarf and let it dangle down for extra embellishment to my animal print scarf. Hope you all like my little punch of animal print added for some fun color and texture to my lazy day outfit.  Thought a change for the normal jeans would be good for me. I may just have to wear lazy day clothes more often.



  1. Pretty!!! P.S. I gave my daughter-in-law Shannon the pretty purple/beaded scarf I bought from your boutique and she LOVES it! 🙂


  2. Very lovely and naughty refined scarf !


  3. thebeadden says:

    I love it! Adding the leather and feathers was a great touch!


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