Peppermint Bark


What can I do with all these left over candy canes???

Make Peppermint Bark!



My dad’s birthday is 6 days after New Years so what do you get someone after the big gift giving hoopla of Christmas?

My dad loves any kind of sweet snacks is what we call them.  He has a stash of goodies on the table next to his chair that sits in front of his TV…  So of course what better thing to give him than more goodies.

~Peppermint bark~

candy canes crushed & Almond bark

Melt you almond bark according to the package and spread out 1/4 in. thick on a piece of waxed paper and sprinkle your crushed candy cane all over the top.  I press the candy cane into the melted almond bark slightly.  Let harden and break into large chunks. Package it up in a cute box if you can resist not eating it all before hand.

He loved it!

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