My favorite White Tee

Mar 14, 2013-1



Mar 16, 2013

Can you believe it?

My favorite white tee had developed some of those small little pin holes near the bottom edge.  Of course I wasn’t going to throw it away.  I thought I could cover up the holes with some little fabric flowers.

 I cut out two different size circles out of another white tee from a different project.  I wanted to layer the flowers for more of a 3D effect.  Then cut some slits all the way around to make it appear like petals. Pinned into place on my t-shirt and stitched an X through the center of the flowers and t-shirt fabric.

Had to make my little Drama Queen one too!

Recently Updated57

As you can tell she wasn’t to happy.

Poor baby was having a melt down that day.

Leave me a comment if you have any questions on this project.30003356b


  1. Anna Mills says:

    A great idea! I have some mouse holes I need to cover. I hate to admit it, but it’s true. darn


  2. I love your style! The leopard cardigan and the layer t shirts is such a nice combo. The little flowers make it so feminine. It looks so natural and easy. Great job!


  3. I never thought of something like that for a hole. I got a brand new sweater this year and it developed a hole the first time I washed it. Now to see if I have something I could sew over it that would go with the color and style of the sweater…



  1. […] have this problem all the time.  Drama Queen Seams found that her favorite white T had tiny holes near the bottom edge.  Rather than toss it, she […]


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