Kumihimo Bracelets by Epic Stitching


Today I’m doing a review on Kumihimo Fibre bracelets from Epic Stitching.

 Kumihimo Fibre is a Japanese braiding…

The bracelet cording is made up of lots of different materials including yarn, hemp, rayon, acrylic, silk cord, rat-tail cord, bamboo and any other interesting fibers that Mel from Epic Stitching can find.

 I never knew there was this type of stitching…

I love the look and feel of these bracelets. Especially the ones that are incorporated with beads.  These bracelets are very easy to tie on and wear.

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Mel Ladner’s story 

When I started making Kumihimo bracelets in 2010. For me they were an absolute blessing. Having been plagued with metal allergies my whole life I don’t have any piercings (not even ears) as they are rejected every time. I have trouble with chains and other jewelry that is metal.
Fiber bracelets were a way to make pretty jewelry that I could wear! Kumihimo is an ancient Japanese art that was once used to make Samurai armor. So it’s tough & durable as well as unique.

For me this store is about sharing my passion, love and design with anyone that is interested.
Please come in and look around. Hopefully something catches your eye and inspires you. I do lots of custom jewellery work either variations of the items you see in my shop or unique original requests.
I do custom stitching as well, any pattern your heart desires can be done. Timing and costs are on a per project basis.


Click on the links below to see more projects and products by Epic Stitching.

I’m positive your love them as much as I do…

Mel was so nice to send me all turquoise bracelets (my favorite color).

Thanks so much Mel for the great product .

Epic Stitching (shop)

Epic Stitching (blog)



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  2. Very pretty!


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